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What you should know

  • If you live in a building with an elevator, be sure to reserve it for the day of the move.
  • Mark fragile items so they receive special attention
  • Label each box with the contents and location in the new home.
  • Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer at least a day before the move.
  • Remove snow and ice from sidewalks, driveways and steps.
  • Place a floor plan of your new home by the entrance, so the movers know where to place each piece of furniture.
  • Notify a close friend or relative of your itinerary in case of an emergency.
  • We cannot move propane tanks, alcohols, firearms, and combustibles in accordance with transport laws.
  • We are not responsible for disassembling treadmills or any other kind of gym equipment, this is the responsibility of the customers.
  • Set aside the items of importance or value you wish to transport yourself (ie. jewellery, artwork, passports, important documents).
  • Order boxes, moving supplies, bubble wrap, packaging tape, and stock up on newspaper to wrap up your fragile items. Avoid using small liquor type boxes as they take longer to move and are not intended for that purpose.
  • Keep in mind weekends, start/end of the month, are busy time for moving companies. Be sure to book well in advance ( 4-6 weeks) to ensure you are getting the moving date you most desire.
  • Do not overfill or over-weight boxes.
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